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[Beg hire] the school - Hefei grows abundant
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Be in an area: Hefei→Grow abundant

Property name: Beg hire the school

Building door: 2 rooms 1 hall 1 defend 1 balcony

Every months of hire: 3000000(yuan / month)

Seat floor: 1 building, in all 12

Floor area: 9000 square metre

Building time:

Property type: Workshop

Room source address: Anhui Hefei

The means that rent: Beg hire news source: Intermediary

The shortest lease: Pay one year requirement: Paid in January

Cash pledge explains: Decorate a state: Have not decorate

Enter time: See room time:

Establishment of form a complete set:

Bus of along the line:

Other explains: Some vocational school entrusts our company solely (already signed exclusive trust deed) inside countrywide limits bear hire accommodation to make specialize in the school (the whole nation is interlinked) cent school, requirement school dormitory can accommodate 2000-3000 person to lodge at the same time, hire is OK half an year pays, lease demand does not rise under 3 years hire, hire since 5 years optimal, our company can cooperate with intermediary, at the same time demand area center asks school dormitory can accommodate 10000 people to lodge at the same time, this begging hire information all the year round effective, our company can be offerred with room source the room sees after just signing cooperative agreement, achieve mutual benefit of bilateral mutually beneficial to develop jointly, if you have similar room cause but phone: 13162668872
Or mailbox: BRyantkove@21cn.com connection.

Contact: Email of 21 centuries Yan Jiakun: Bryantkove@21cn.com

Connect a telephone call: 13162668872 mobile phones: 13162668872

Release time: 2008-9-28 9:15:12     (period of efficacy: 365 days)

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