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Contented and multivariate demand is compound model commercial real estate becom
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In recent years, community comes loose the shop already satisfied citizen requirement hard, people expects to be able to enjoy the recreation, consumption, advantage such as business affairs inside community, compound model the eye shot that commercial real estate walked into development business and community dweller, become a company increasingly group the mainstream of commerce of form a complete set. The personage inside course of study thinks, of the program professional the pluralism with industry condition is compound model company group the main characteristic of commerce of form a complete set, also be the requirement that its have competition ability in the market.

Transform to leading role from building costar

Element of commercial form a complete set affects the person that buy a house

Alleged company group, point to community group namely, it is forms as the ceaseless development that area of urban live in a compact community develops new expression. As a result of the promotion of socialization degree, company group the transformation that completing the construction group that builds the diversity function such as the life, business affairs, commerce, culture, activity to contain by single dwelling community gradually. And company group commerce of form a complete set also transforms to leading role from costar gradually in this one process.

The earliest company group commerce of form a complete set, the community that is spontaneity mostly comes loose shop, the commonnest business that be versed in by edge street room ground floor is transformed namely and comes is spread, shop of this kind of business is existing normally industry condition repeats, the inadequacy such as class on the low side, satisfy circumjacent dweller's basic life requirement only.

As urban district dimensions expand and the increase sharply that consumes demand, former configuration is onefold, messy medicinal powder the requirement that the shop already cannot satisfy people offset to expend quality, business of form a complete set grows to beg, begin occurrence intensive type and one-stop new pattern, with satisfying the requirement that food and clothing uses at the same time, it is a foundation with this, the theme that tries to differ locates or building distinguishing feature promotes commerce efficiency, effective agglomeration person is angry, the critical factor that commerce of a little successful form a complete set becomes a client to buy its periphery house even.

From single trade condition to multivariate demand development

Compound model company group popularity of traffic of form a complete set

Commerce is landed in last few years development momentum is very powerful, as shopping centers of thumb square, big peaceful international, Long Ming recreational street waits road of road cate street, plum plain a moment of famous commerce project appear, commercial real estate is driving building city the function of development, perfect area, effect in advancing a city to build is more and more apparent.
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