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Shanghai guest is far go to the United States to copy ground floor city: Is the
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Recently, shanghai person comes out on Shanghai far the message that goes to the United States to fry a room. The message says, during be worth American building city to drop greatly at present, only 2289 dollars can be bought villaticly in place. And the Shanghai person that all along has investment to be used to took a fancy to this one opportunity, try to copy city of building of bottom United States.

Does crisis = copy end good chance?

Analyst of some wall street major that does not wish to disclose a full name hears a reporter when this one view, the first reaction is unexpectedly: "If really Shanghai person comes, bao Ersen can have a meal please probably. Bao Ersen can have a meal please probably..

He expresses, "American market is extremely bad this year, if Fang Limei is finished, it's hard to say of money market of whole whole world. It's hard to say of money market of whole whole world..

Recently, weigh even Suoluosi even, fang Limei and room ground beautiful crisis are a paragraph of episode with at present queasy finance only, won't be terminative.

Room ground beauty and room benefit beauty all are United States Congress to make sure fund of housing loan market flows legislation is established. Two companies borrow the action of mortgage market to hold the balance to American room.

These two confederative rooms lend a company share price steeps fall last week about 45 % , share price accumulative total is compared the corresponding period dropped last year 80% . Investor thinks generally, two companies need a large number of financing, in order to offset the loss that more and more usurer default reimbursement place to bring, but worry again at the same time, a large number of financing will develop rare stock. The analyst points out, a few wall street cast the housing that reachs room ground beautiful place to assure because of beauty of benefit of many hold room soon loan mortgage bond, and the bond of two companies and suffer a loss.

Recently, beautiful Ministry of finance is urgent publish rescue the plan that two confederative rooms lend a company, at the same time beautiful couplet store window of open still discount, the hope can stabilize market confidence with this.

Does the force outside wanting a state move to help city?

The economist cloth that committee of the foreign relations that occupy the United States studies technically to international capital flows pulls De Sai plan predicts, nearly two years hold includes foreign Central Bank room ground beauty and Fang Limei inside beautiful orgnaization bond rises considerably, total hold quantity may exceed 1 trillion dollar at present, among them, chinese hold quantity holds an in part.

And the cloth of American finance economist of Global Insight of economic research organization bilks En Beixiuen to report in middle finger goes out, the fluidity of beauty of this room ground and Fang Limei and capital gold crisis, it is a dangerous incident with potential cycle of economy of current United States. Be like not fast and effective keep within limits, the United States will encounter since flat period infrequent housing market and room borrow the market to break down.
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