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How to choose " of room of " sales promotion: Price is low denounce happy event
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To ordinary common people, it is very difficult to buy a house, or saving of bend half a lifetime, or need to struggle a few years to still be borrowed. To a such important matters, of course should Shen Zhi careful. Current building city no longer hot, the person that buy a house is OK static next hearts come essence of life is carried fine anthology, lest buy " flaw room " .
The house is apple-pie rarely, total meeting is put in a few insufficient place. Since the house is imperfect inevitable, the person that buy a house is about careful him consider whether bear, still ought to master a few skill that choose a room. If these flaws can be accepted, and price is low also, opposite at bearing finitely ability, the flaw is negligible not plan. Some people by force of tall house price, can beg actively buy " flaw room " . But, this is the active choice of beforehand of the person that buy a house certainly, the passivity after and rather than buys a house bears. We a share is common " flaw room " enumerate comes out, the person that want to buy a house is carried wake.
The house that has dressed up
By 2003, mr Zhou spent many yuan 60 through intermediary from on one is bought in hand of domestic Li Mou secondhand room. When was being entered in Feburary 2004, he discovers to there is subtle flaw on the ceiling and floor, do not have at that time too attention.
Later, mr Zhou discovers the break of house housetop and floor is bigger and bigger. Especially advocate there is a break on the ceiling of the bedroom, resemble the scar of a knife on person face, fully 5 centimeters wide. Then he calls property company. Just began property company to still come to maintain, break became " knife scar " hind, also did not come again. Through the inquiry, mr Zhou discovers the village is other the building also has similar break, the home on the course has whitewashed the house that Mr Zhou buys, so at the outset he just does not have discovery. Then, mr Zhou and business of development of other owner demand give a clear view with respect to building break. And development business thinks, the break of the ceiling and floor belongs to temperature break, it is current the inextricability problem on international, their solution also can be to be in only guarantee period inside undertake handling. Talk things over several times without fruit hind, mr Zhou finds a selling party again, the requirement returns a house. Sell the home with building change the name of owner in a register already half an year, claim not to know to have break at the outset, reject to assume responsibility.
When seeing a room on the spot, should notice those who observe a room to decorate new old unified. To sell a room plaster house, unlike is decorated to live oneself complete in that way, careful observation, always can discover clues. In the meantime, should increase in the contract " how should be flaw of occurrence building quality handled " concrete agreement.
Clingy " rubbish room "
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