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Potential of investment of building of two handwritten words is great
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According to reporter understanding, the landed investment objective of Fosan is not at present much, but have quite one part person begins to value the office building of Fosan, a person of extraordinary powers to wait curtilage. For this, a few landed intermediary begin to develop new scope of business, if Fosan all-round victory already established 3 new business departments a few days ago -- commercial project ministry, office building ministry and a person of extraordinary powers curtilage ministry, become the company with the most extensive scope of business in industry of intermediary of Fosan house property, what be these projects technically is secondhand trade offer intermediary to serve.

Big Fosan conformity comes 5 years, integrated competition ability got the city rise apparently, tertiary industy develops quickly, drove the rapid development of estate and commerce, add the industrial economy that develops originally, make the commercial property of Fosan and high-grade property had vaster development space. "Compare average house for, the rigid demand of commercial property and high-grade property is clearer, we establish 3 new business departments right now, believe to be able to get the favour of broad client. " Wen Zhaojiang of general manager of Fosan all-round victory says.

Before, fosan all-round victory raises a few brand-new service concepts that implement and business pattern, if tripartite is made an appointment with, half moon commission, bank superintends capital freely to wait a moment, go in Fosan whole the front row of industry of house property intermediary. They hope, 3 when nowadays holds water new business departments, can provide more professional service for the client widely, and can be the progress that Buddha country produces intermediary industry make model again.

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