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Momentum of growth of supply and demand of market of first class office building
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Momentum of growth of supply and demand of market of first class office building is powerful

Although the inaccuracy of global economy growth decides an element to increase, but Chinese economy still maintained high speed growth 2008. Big company of the enterprise that cross a state and home also still dedicated the business at be in China grows. Shenzhen industry of 3 big pillar- - the tenement of science and technology of finance, content shedding, information is active space of augment office building. This quarter is recorded so that the highest quarter since 2005 inducts a quantity completely 135, 114 square metre. On one hand, more and more companies pay close attention to Shenzhen market, garrison in succession this locality, connect high for example (Qualcomm) hire fine in construction edifice 1, 600 square metre, edifice of money of rent of peaceful wave bank 4, 000 square metre; On the other hand, as the development of company business, this locality company also expands the dimensions that rent ceaselessly, for example the Milky Way of restful bank rent develops a center 30, 000 square metre.

Huge supply restrains hire to rise

In recent years supply of first class office building rises swift and violent: 7 years annual has office building of first class of 470 thousand square metre to supply about, empty buy rate rises to 23.4% ; 8 years the 2nd quarter also has about 160 thousand square metre to be added newly supply, at present first class office building always puts a quantity to break through 1.5 million square metre, empty buy rate is recorded 17.7% . The great majority of first class office building of new completion is located in CBD, quality, establishment is apparent also excel is inchoate the office building of completion, because this attracted tenement of large quantities of foreign capital company to enter,be stationed in, for example company of management of fund of Jing Shunchang city believes urban square to remove from which fine in build extensive plant, hire area also by 1, 600 square metre expand 2, 994 square metre. To persuade high grade tenement to stay, old office building rolls out favourable measure normally, make its hire pressure rises. On the other hand, major old office building industry advantageous position is dispersive, small or petty proprietor is fought pressure capacity is small, maintain existing hire level hard.

The supply of office building of high grade onefold property right can increase somewhat

Ministry of real estate of commerce of assistant director of travel of intermediate quantity couplet, Shenzhen is in charge of Xia Chunyi to analyse: "Current, the office building of first class of advantageous position of high grade, single industry that the alternative can offer on Shenzhen market is only two, it is China profit center respectively, fine in build a mansion. Although huge supply gives hire to rise,bring adverse effect, existing top class office building lasts because of tenement demand driving, empty buy rate is low and still enjoy speech right to hire. " opposite at whole town every are mean monthly hire 151 yuan / square metre (floor area) , lunar hire can amount to office building of high grade first class about 220 yuan / square metre (floor area) . Be in in the near future in, the supply of office building of high grade onefold property right can increase somewhat, for example outstanding century center, the high end in can be being attracted accordingly, especially foreign capital is high grade tenement, enter Shenzhen. Meanwhile, manage the difference that wait as a result of establishment of hardware quality, form a complete set and edifice, the hire difference between office building of high grade onefold property right and general office building will more apparent.
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