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Investment office building has latent capacity more
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Of residential price mad go up, allow investor it seems that people forgot to still have office building this one market. Rise till the Central Bank head pay, just let office building- - this more the room product that has investment property- - begin humanness to pay close attention to.

Buy of as long-term as those sky, sit enjoy price to rise the residential investment that brings redound is different, office building is having ' of more rich investment ' main area- - hire redound. Especially a lot of office building, although comparative with price of circumjacent residential boarding house, hire level stands high above the masses.

More important is, at present the office building market of Zhengzhou is in a phase that is underestimated badly, the price of a lot of office building unexpectedly not as good as circumjacent residence project, this kind of strange ' hangs ' phenomenon, just highlights those who give office building value to contain Troy. As the strict control that national policy invests to the residence, as investor idea rational with each passing day, current office building, it is a ' that is worth to induct really primitive a ' .

Still buy a house now?

Near future of Zhengzhou building town retreats frequency of phenomenon of room countermand gold to show, room of analysis of the personage inside course of study is borrowed new politics the influence is being shown slowly, the Central Bank promulgated ' loan to buy the 2nd housing head to pay scale to must not be frightened under the formulary ' of 40%' on September 27 run ' objective of a lot of investment. The room is borrowed new politics after carrying out, buy the person buy a house of room of the 2nd ring, besides a money paying a house that wants one-time preparation to be become more, and because loan interest rate reduces 15 % by standard interest rate,promotion comes rise of standard interest rate 10 % , loan interest amount rises greatly. Buy the 2nd flatlet, how much did investment cost raise after all, the personage of bank respect calculated brushstroke Zhang.

With total house price 500 thousand yuan, loan is 15 years exemple. Original loan 7 become 350 thousand yuan, interest rate reduces 15 % according to standard interest rate namely 6.6555 % computation, every months of reimbursement 3078.8 yuan, accrual amount = every months of reimbursement 12 (month) 15 (year) - = of amount of 350 thousand yuan of loan 204186.7 yuan; And new politics the loan after 6 become 300 thousand yuan, interest rate according to rise of standard interest rate 10 % namely 8.613 % computation, every months of reimbursement 2974.02 yuan, accrual amount is 235323.6 yuan.

Computational result is apparent, not only head second sex wants Fu Yi to pay 50 thousand yuan more, loan interest amount also paid 31136.9 yuan more, loan cost raises greatly.

When ' room ' east, be inferior to doing ' building ' advocate
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