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Office building, continue to await the golden mine of mining
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After be born of the policy outside be restricted, before two years frequency is applied with great quantity whole is bought, the abroad capital with infinite scene, expression is not lukewarm first half of the year this year not fire. In had announced a few successful trade, besides this year fund of German illicit collect bought Pu Tuo to grow wind in Feburary " brilliance of the rising sun square of brightness · century " property of an office building, the United States invested fund in May " Asia-Pacific buy ground " ground of buy of the Asia-Pacific below the banner limited company with 4.438 billion yuan of RMB, take next mixing to write down harbor land to be located in Shanghai to grow Le Lu " century trade square " , group of black rock of tycoon of global asset management buys next Shanghai macrobian ways with 1.1 billion yuan besides Lou Sanzong of one business affairs, construction of only Hong Kong buys Sichuan north way 108 plot (Yuan Hong radical is recreational square) this one harbor endowment the whole of setting buys loath take one's place in the ranks. From the analysis on the amount, abroad this year capital buys the enthusiasm of the respect in a large amount of office building, lagged behind last year far it seems that with the year before last year.

But analysis of the personage inside course of study, trade first half of the year not lukewarm not fire, be not capital to be opposite the collective of interest of Shanghai office building " refluent " , however a variety of reasons form jointly, the high grade office building of area of core of sea of exemple as above is supplied slant close, the capital outside new policy go into business is entered examine and approve time to be spun, difficulty is greater also, deferred buy pace to wait, can not get a gold of condition foreign capital curtly the conclusion of city of building of inland of large-scale evacuation China. In fact, the foreign capital that announces to be about to enter and increase investment first half of the year this year " new old face " a lot of, the project that doubt is like a negotiation also is absent a few. Accordingly, analyse the existing a few office building on Zong Hu to be bought to trade by capital whole, still can offer for us a few those who read capital market is important consult content, among them inevitable also declare publicly a few walk along situation and characteristic.

On Feburary 27, 2008, fund of German illicit collect is located at Pu Tuo to grow area of wind zoology garden in what Shanghai moves to buy " brilliance of the rising sun square of brightness · century " office building, this office building that facilitates by high power international trades, former property right just is Xu Hui group, the project can build the gross area that use the land 45626 square metre, total floor area makes an appointment with 114065 square metre, among them commerce and office make an appointment with 60 thousand square metre, apartment type hotel makes an appointment with 50 thousand square metre. This investment trades be confined to an office building among afore-mentioned property, do not involve other property.
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