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Office building invests the right season or time
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2008, market of office building of Wuhan first class, will be " acceleration " experience year, rose 2007 in continuance on the foundation of posture, demand of first class office building is increased further, market ascendant situation increases.

One, the city is promoted, criterion office building is promoted

Country " serve as Wuhan mid rise strategic fulcrum and economic ligament " policy is apparent, wuhan with its 9 provinces open thoroughfaring dominant position, all through the ages is Hua Zhongzhi center; "Two model reform test division " carry out, the mid center position of Wuhan more protruding shows; "8 1 city is encircled " , be it is bibcock with Wuhan, circumjacent city organic linkage rises, form puissant economy group.

"3 rounds and drive " policy is driven, wuhan economy will begin " fly 2 times " , in huge investment the attraction of the opportunity falls, a large number of enterprises flock garrison Wuhan, bring the powerful demand to office building from this. At present Chinese mouth only " world trade edifice " office building of a first class plans put on sale, supply breach very apparent. In demand exuberant, beg be more than the premise that offer to fall, those who drive price of Wuhan office building is fast go up raise.

2, value is underestimated aid force to appreciate space

Review the whole world, no matter be center of international finance city Manhadu, still be the annulus in Tokyo new constellation, Hong Kong, even the city of outback a gleam of such as Beijing, Shanghai, the costliest property all is office building, tall hire, high rental rate supports high value, if hire of office building of first class of a sector of an area of center of Beijing, Shanghai is as high as 200-400 yuan / ㎡ / after lunar; Chongqing, Chengdu wins batch of test divisions, hire rises in price 10% , show average rent to be 60 yuan / ㎡ / month. Office building value affirms value of prep above residence, investigate its reason is above all, what office building has is a sector of an area with best city; Next, the residence of development cost far outclass of office building; The 3rd, the value of office building operation, having stronger appreciation space.

Although prospect of market of Wuhan office building is at present all-time,value, but advanced market of a few years of houses " fervent " mask below, the price of office building reveals the value with due residence of its tower above without body, and show more " honest " .

Market of Wuhan office building shows level sale price " hang " the phenomenon is apparent, be like the Wuhan square that Wu Anshang encircles, world trade square, peaceful adds up to the whole of office building of international first class such as square all valence is controlled in square metre of 7500 yuan of / , and sale price of circumjacent high-grade residence project all is as high as 10000 yuan / square metre.
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