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Investment office building not forgets a car problem of form a complete set
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Office building is progress of economy of a city is video, economy grows more, the market is bigger to the demand of office building. because of such, be in Guangzhou, what office building becomes investor gradually is new bestow favor on. Personage of inside and outside of a lot of course of study thinks, investment office building, the key depends on choosing a section of a highway that property is in or area. This do not have a fault, nevertheless, on this foundation, the car of office building form a complete set, traffic form a complete set also nots allow to ignore. Because, car insufficient problem has been compared at present austere.

One has the friend of some of spare cash, the beginning of the year tries to invest office building. After seeking advice from a few professional personages, understanding to cross the market, for reliable for the purpose of, invest dispersedly. He bought in more beautiful area with 1 million yuan secondhand small area office building, office building of skill of a medium area was bought in north of the Milky way with 1.5 million yuan. When just trading, the be pleased with oneself of reliable investment eye that the friend still is him -- , " the experience according to everybody, I these two units are in popular a section of a highway, believe very can fast lease goes " . Before long, it is somebody as expected bear the office building that leases him, nevertheless, those who hire is north of the Milky way is covered then, hire is 120 yuan / square metre / month. Friend this excitement, investment office building earns many than going Qian Cunyin. Planning in the heart, more beautiful area covers an unit then also very should fast somebody searchs come. Nevertheless, this covers 1 million yuan property, spent 6 many months still do not have activity tardy. This leaves the friend can feel puzzled: But office building of more beautiful area trades,everybody says here flourishing ground ah, why Where is unmanned patronage? do oneself choose a fault?

The party chats, the friend is consulted to the classmate that has invested a lot of property, after the classmate lets, laughed: A sector of an area is very main to affirming for office building, but, investor cannot the hardware form a complete set of oversight property. Unluckily that office building that he buys, elevator and car had been apparent inadequacy. Original, more beautiful area that office building, be in early a few years, its elevator, car waiting for configuration is enough, can be the development as economy, grow in quantity that uses the home, the car here demanded exceeds supply, and on circumjacent road, parking space is apparent also excess load, this ability brings about the office building that leases a guest not to want to choose here. And north of the Milky way covers skill property then, the businessman deployed 1:1car, and close subway, get the reception that rent a settle or live in a strange place naturally.
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