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Aggravate of competition of office building market chooses 4 times to let you em
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Latter, in residential building market fatigued and weak circumstance falls, office building becomes the heat of house property market. Office building investment is different from general investment pattern, what it pays attention to is its invest redound for a long time. So, how should office building have investment? Some of what skill to have again among them?

Office building still is a newly emerging things to a lot of investor. The personage inside course of study thinks, office building investment should take a fancy to value of its a sector of an area particularly. Want to pay attention to the development latent capacity of this a sector of an area especially, look to whether more commercial house property will appear in henceforth all round, shop of such as office building, business. In addition, the property that has experience runs a company, also can make investment process save worry not little. Good property company can help owner resolve a lot of trivial issues. The price of office building is at present higher, and head pay mortgage loan more, need is very accordingly tall head pay ability and strong reimbursement capability.

Investment, what respect homework should have done? The office building investment of what area and appreciate the space is the largest

The appreciation of house property basically originates the appreciation of land, and of the city advocate what central area reachs land of trade prosperity area is rare be short of a gender stronger, the space of appreciation is larger. The stream of people of these area, content shedding, iformation flow, capital shedding gathers together, business chance break out, area resource advantage is advantaged. Accordingly, whether be located in a city advocate central area, it is the class that measures an office building and the first selection essential factor that whether have investment value.

Class figure decides tenement type

The client must be aimed at when investing office building group will invest. Tenement chooses the first goal that office building handles official bussiness, it is to promote an enterprise image, well-known company and strength business put the class figure of office building in be next to an area one of main factors.

Public traffic holds what position in office building investment

The traffic position with located office building and convenience rate are very important. If situation of a certain office building is out-of-the-way, traffic inconvenience or heavy traffic, that affirmation does not suit investment. Like office building periphery traffic circuitry develops, the price appropriate, that can invest. Divide in addition, the parking space that office building place has how many, very important also.

Office building layer reachs establishment of elevator capacity, amount, circumjacent form a complete set high
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