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Central Plains is landed: 8 years 12 projects investment uses to the limit of on
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From last year since the 2nd quarter, tianjin office building hires Wu activity apparent hasten flourishing, drive rate of average sky buy to drop, year office building of each great first class is average rental rate was achieved 86% .

On the other hand the sale status of high-end office building also is behaved uncommon, the letter amounts to square, contest to pause the center can make work all already or the part is adjacent carry out exhaust, connect have not the Jun Longan field of open quotation already also booked one sky entirely. 2008 year will have investment of complete of project of 12 office building to use, total supply achieves 430 thousand square metre, and office building of high-grade first class holds certain proportion, the competitive posture of the market is quite intense.

But point out inside course of study, tianjin office building divides character of office building of a few high-grade first class to be able to be rivalled with internationalization office building, hardware of other office building is coessential change an appearance relatively serious, be in many and coessential below the case that turns office building to the limit of one's capacity, decided market of Tianjin office building will regard the competition of the product as the dot with property management. But property management is a link that at present office building of Tianjin great majority is deficient in generally, level of management is uneven. Property management still stays in daily safety, wholesome, registration of vehicles, equipment to maintain the service level that waits for primary low level, and a few property manage appreciation service to begin is very finite more, if call car, ticket Wu, order eat, adornment to decorate etc. Show the adviser of property of professional office building with level well-known Tianjin the company basically has intermediate to measure couplet travel, Jun Yi a few property such as property of property, day inspire confidence in sb runs a company. Property of major office building manages a company to still cannot provide high quality service for the client.

Central Plains is landed: 8 years 12 projects investment uses to the limit of one's capacity of Tianjin office buildingByShanghai office building netOffer

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