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Central Bank silver-colored inspect can allot jointly be restricted to borrow ci
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Redound of round-the-world banking center period 12 years of Central Banks, silver-colored inspect can allot jointly be restricted to borrow your, price of Olympic Games house lasts after dish whole

City of building of cold and cheerless faces ” of “ final examination again

Volume of floor market price drops together

Mr “ , buy a house? Go looking, our selling office is in inclined the first floor on.

”8 month 19 days, the reporter just gave station of orchard of Beijing light course, personnel of building of a few carry out is surrounded come up.

See the reporter expresses to be not bought, you go to “ look, calculate our outstanding achievement, the gentleman of building of ” carry out tells a reporter, “ came fast a month, one has not sold go out. ” is saying, in taking the small advertisement a place of strategic importance of sales promotion reporter hand.

The closest period of time, the subway that is in Beijing reachs a few stations, everywhere can see personnel of sales promotion of small advertising of building of branch put on sale.

In traditional “ Jin Jiuyin busy season of 10 ” sale comes during, reporter discovery, beijing building city still is shown continuously the situation of cold and cheerless.

According to the data that net of Beijing estate buying operation publishs, the autograph on net of Beijing commodity house makes an appointment with gross to be 40600 first half of the year, than 2007 65004 of the corresponding period dropped 38% . July, beijing commodity house is signed on period room net make an appointment with an area 595642 square metre, drop compared to the same period 62.7% , annulus comparing drops 33% .

Not only it is skill room, secondhand the room traded to also appear apparent coast. Show according to monitoring data, beijing is secondhand July house business market clinchs a deal measure annulus comparing to drop 10.9% , trade meanwhile the price also begins a callback, beijing is secondhand room market appears first since 2005 “ price quantity drops together ” .

Beijing building city lasts the situation of cold and cheerless is the same as countrywide likeness. Come from Shanghai the newest report of research center of bless power estate shows, on August 18, in Shanghai far the 29 flatlet source of two bays city clinchs a deal centrally, all valence 13842 yuan / square metre, than first half of the year 21049 yuan / square metre dropped 7200 multivariate / square metre.

National hair changes appoint newest the data that publish shows, this year 1—7 month, area of complete of countrywide commodity housing one hundred and sixty-five million three hundred and thirty thousand square metre, grow 12.4% compared to the same period, amplitude increases 9 percent compared to the same period; Sell an area two hundred and seventy-seven million four hundred and thirty thousand square metre, drop compared to the same period 10.8% , amplitude drops 37.2 percent.
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