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Potential demand still is in the person that buy a house the Olympic Games after
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In light of the economic effect that holds the Olympic Games from each country, because the Olympic Games needs many place construction and traffic infrastructure construction, this is brought to commodity house price not only " demonstrative effect " , in the meantime, as a result of these Olympic Gameses the construction of place should squeeze a land of one part residence, theoretic meeting causes what residential market furnishs to decrease, the economy that brings plus Olympic Games place grows effect, the element of this tripartite face can stimulate estate to rise in price.

Although the person that buy a house manages money wait-and-see, but potential demand still exists, it is certain to want the price to appear only fall after a rise, the demand with this potential part meets those who become reality buy. And the demand with this potential part person just regards the Olympic Games as the watershed that estate value adjusts, reach move of the plan that buy a house accordingly after the Olympic Games, this was formed so called " hind Olympic Games effect " .

"Hind Olympic Games effect " a kind of when just arise after estate price drops conditional effect. Undeniable, numerous estate company does not wish to depreciate to basically be based on two reasons: It is early days place the land price that takes is high bring about its to develop cost very tall; 2 it is wary market is bought go up to be not bought drop, once house price appears to become loose collectively to be able to be brought about instead,fear the market is farther wait-and-see.

Really, the price that place of partial estate company takes land is higher, and this part basically was last year when house price soares, be bought, but the author thinks, land of this share high price is not the much that held estate company, and majority estate company is leading price of a few years measures what go up together to be driven scored freeboard gain. Although at present estate company reduces a price of carry out house, also can not cause enterprise bedding face to accumulate loss, besides falls in current market background, estate company should consider his to transfer an enterprise to live mainly, and enlarging a sale through depreciating is the optimal way that save oneself undoubtedly.

Besides, estate company place is afraid " buy go up to be not bought drop " psychological may not exists, at least what this kind of phenomenon did not imagine is so serious. If estate uses investment completely, form easily of course " buy go up to be not bought drop " . But estate or a kind of necessaries of life, use at living oneself namely, should exist to live oneself only demand, and did not exceed the word that its buy capacity, so estate market can appear " buy already go up, buy again drop " phenomenon.

Nevertheless, at present partial estate company sends a car to wait through buying a house a few " dark fall " means will sell the effect that did not have to anticipate, cause farther wait-and-see mood instead, this appears test and verify of as it happens estate company place is afraid " buy go up to be not bought drop " phenomenon.
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