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Foreign capital in succession undersell property stays in city of building of th
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Foreign capital has caused a high level to take Xu Xiaolin of reporter of learn on job seriously to pursue to the unusual action of high-end property

Situation of macroeconomic of inside and outside is encountered tired, foreign capital casts a few tendercy of a Shanghai of the most active in Chinese economy area to already caused a high level to pay close attention to. Reporter yesterday (25 days) know, chinese housing and ministry of urban and rural construction (next live weighing that build a department) relevant personage went to Shanghai survey recently, this survey basically is aimed at foreign capital is at present right the investment tendercy of estate market.

Sell a building to cause attention

The reporter understands, in this survey process, live built ministry and official of Shanghai real estate department to see this city about respectively the personage waits related orgnaization of expert of industry of a few real-estate, foreign capital, enquire knowledge is current respectively the tendercy of market of estate of investment of foreign capital orgnaization and implicit to place of backside of this one tendercy the view of the trend. Meanwhile, stay in those who build ministry and official of Shanghai real estate department to enquire orgnaization of concerned foreign capital invests estate carefully still to run the mode, problem such as the rule.

The personage inside course of study tells a reporter, this one survey is to be based on on certain level include at present Hua Qi, big rub wait for bank of the investment outside the condition to begin to sell property in Shanghai, and on the other hand, because Chinese price of real estate drops, the view that at the same time again foreign capital copies ground floor city often comes out. To dismiss the real case that foreign capital runs, stay in the Shanghai area with the most active capital outside building a ministry to begin pair of conditions to undertake survey.

Since going for some time, fund of investment of much home foreign capital begins to be searched through intermediary buy the home, prepare the property property that before selling this, buys in Shanghai.

The near future comes out the first includes Magenshidanli to plan to invest its in Shanghai item that makes over a hearsay " heaven and earth of bright and beautiful Lin " hotel type apartment sells; Beautiful banner bank plans to offer view of river of Min travel water transport Yuan Jizhong small family of two high levels apartment; A tall building of blessing brine business that Lei Man's brother plans to sell associated capital strategy was taken last year; Nanjing includes below beautiful Lin Ming the project that the road develops a project inside on the west is being searched buy the home...

And be in early actually last year, estate of under one's name of beautiful flag group invests a ministry to will been in property to sell. When morning paper reporter is interviewed, the personage expresses related Hua Qi, because redound has arrived,selling basically is anticipate, the company is additionally afraid this year the trend of office building market.
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