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Shenzhen of 10 thousand divisions may appear delay of shutdown of sodden poop de
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Lin Yujing and wind stops hard

On September 26, be in eventful autumn 10 thousand divisions (000002.SZ) abrupt harden, the newspaper closes at 6.53 yuan.

Although 34 orgnaizations confidence gives 10 thousand families dye-in-the-woodly " recommend strongly " , " recommend " and " hold " grade, reporter hair includes growing fund of southern accomplishment actor in 2 quarterly reports now inside fund disappeared on pop chart of 10 large stockholder once upon a time.

Is harden the orgnaization copies bottom or other reason nowadays? The 10 thousand divisions that serve as a big boss investigate does growth of its outstanding achievement have how old safeguard?

The reporter launchs investigation of a gleam of, and most what attract journalist view first is the hearsay on a nets.

Shutdown delay builds influence outstanding achievement

"10 thousand divisions the shutdown of project of Jin Yudong county in hill of Shenzhen level ground, 10 thousand divisions will have the first sodden poop deck in Shenzhen! " in September, a hearsays begin to circulate on the net.

Classics of our newspaper reporter investigates discovery with all possible means, this one hearsay is not an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors, project of Dong Jun of region of gold of 10 thousand divisions 2 period be in half shutdown condition basically, delay complete a few into finality. And this project head period the 2nd batch building dish sale status also extremely not hopeful.

Personage of know the inside story discloses even, "Many 200 room that to Jin Yudong county leaves, respect of 10 thousand divisions has not cherished what hope, because sell,do not move. Because sell,do not move..

In fact, jin Yudong county the experience of 310 thousand smooth rice project is current only 10 thousand divisions and even whole real-estate industry are small confused epitome.

Bai Hongwei of golden company analyst tells a reporter in, dong Jun of region of gold of 10 thousand divisions 2 period of the project deferring is an enterprise only in the market low those who confuse a circumstance to fall is normal answer measure.

Jin Yudong county 2 period, 3 period in fact defer inevitable effect to arrive whole of establishment of form a complete set of the 310 thousand project that make the same score rice perfect, of the description in its advertisement " palmy swim pool, landscape community " it seems that short-term inside come true hard.

Although the staff member of ministry of building of the place carry out claimed to had sold an in part, but the reporter still notices, on July 16, "Personnel of carry out building says first phase already made work 2 batches 50% , keep opening price (7700 yuan / smooth) " ; Late on July 29, "Bureau of Shenzhen city land announces information of flatlet of Dong Jun of region of gold of 10 thousand divisions to be: In covering the residence, 388 have 93 to be ' already put on record ' " .
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