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Conform to the trend of low-carbon economy into the office evaluation system o
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Climate Conference in Copenhagen, promote green office, has become the slogan of action of all mankind. The reason why green office business office will become the mainstream of the 21st century lies in the past, the business world There are the core of high density, low green city comprehensive hypoxia, resulting in the regional office of the company suffered "urban heat island effect" of problems. Therefore, when the "low-carbon economy," praised the new 21st century economy Development, green office has also come into being, not only to become an international trend of development of the business office, quality office buildings have become an important assessment targets. In fact, from New York's Central Park, IBM Chuk Yuen began, green office has become much favored by business leaders, a new business model. Central Park in New York, New York, Central Park is located in the skyscraper forest Manhattan, established the center, covering 843 acres, the largest urban parks in New York. Many people carry a briefcase to Central Park morning exercises, others run, play, and then to the Manhattan office to office around with one of Energy, natural business scene. Commercial real estate market in Beijing, green office has become a new trend. Because, now for the "high-quality work environment" is defined, the view of many companies is changing, not only as transportation, Business climate and other elements of traditional business value, more on health, ecological environment, strong demand for office, while green has become the prime location of many famous enterprises consideration. In this context, the capital of many top office began vigorously to create a green office environment to meet new business needs of major companies, and Xidan Street, the Plaza is one of the leaders to make. Financial Street, Xidan Square to world class standards in the office of the air within the ecological landscape to create a leisure space, not only opened a new organic era of eco-business office, instead of the traditional office space for the cold stiff texture Still bustling Xidan where the high cost of land, creating a work of unparalleled green area, so settled in this enterprise can readily enjoy the green of the modern office environment, to achieve "devised strategies, Run-off thousands of miles away, "the highest state office. In addition to green house to have a perfect working atmosphere, the Financial Street, Xidan Plaza also has an unparalleled external landscape, the past can enjoy the scenic Xidan downtown Vientiane, the National Grand Theatre, Tiananmen Square, Zhongnanhai Jingshan , The North Sea are close vision, far from overlooking the CBD, Olympic, Western Hills, such as multiple landscape, as the achievements of the indoor and outdoor landscape echoes the great visual effects. In addition, the Financial Street, Xidan Square to Founder layout, space flexible and practical, high utilization of the standard level of product characteristics, in the office to meet the needs of large enterprises, while also effectively will be the introduction of green landscape Office space, a green office building a model for. In a good atmosphere to create a green office, the Financial Street, Xidan Square by many to pay attention to the business office for the strength of the quality of firms. Currently, dozens of large companies are actively and Financial Street Xidan Square in talks, ready to here as the office location. Thus, through the Financial Street, Xidan Square green office environment for the well-built, not only opened a new era of capital business office, will also have immense market prospects.
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