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Regulation to promote investment into the property market turns investment heat
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In the "9.29" New Deal of the containment, the housing market immediately downwards, causing the coldest in the history of nine gold and silver October. However, the purchase of order in the catalyst, a large number of residential investment funds have been withdrawn, founding the commercial real estate to find Hedging demand, creating a hot commercial property market, where office complex many advantages as an investment choice because of its target. It is reported that Beijing Galaxy SOHO, ocean Guanghua International, Shimao third complex projects often found working Large single transactions, and account for the only seat in the Second Ring, is expected to enter the market in November of gold trade center complex project is not open the first heat, an investment competition for attention. Warming up September 29, the second attack market regulation, restriction, limited credit, such as multiple policy of force, and the housing market to pick up momentum is suppressed, in October the property market has returned to the freezing point. According to Beijing Real Estate Transaction Management Network data show that in October In early 2060 Beijing commercial housing units only transactions, the chain fell 36% in early September, zero-turnover items abound, while the second-hand housing market transactions fell 63.4% more rapidly. According to the industry is expected, 11 months and 12 months of living Residential market will continue to decline. In sharp contrast with the housing market was in the business investment continues to heat up. SouFun Monitoring Center statistics show that in September both in Beijing commercial project on the volume and transaction prices are substantially higher chain, in which pre- Office in the volume and the total transaction price, ring up more than 100%, and 10 months early, Beijing, commercial real estate market, rental prices continue to increase active project, the maximum rose to 35.32%. Residential and commercial real estate behind a strong contrast, is both market prospects of the game. On the residential market, the restriction that is caused by the housing market has shrunk dramatically in the first place. New Deal can be seen from this government real estate firm Determination and the position of housing prices, naturally, increased the residential market remained low expectations. On the other hand, commercial real estate has been three consecutive quarters of rising temperature, DTZ Debenham Tie Leung has revealed the fourth quarter, there will be a lot of information Gold into the commercial market, thus promoting the value of commercial real estate continued to rise. "This market is expected to result in contrast to the substantial investment on the residential market has been withdrawn in favor of commercial real estate, and commercial real estate has also become the context of inflation, a safe haven for the best funds." Industry insiders believe. Highly sought after Among the many commercial projects, office complexes because of the multiple values in one set has attracted institutional investors of all ages. Recent Galaxy SOHO, Shimao workers ready Jiaotong third project single-frequency, and integrated in the core area Xizhimen Fit the project gold trade center, yet the stock market had already attracted the attention of many high-end enterprise. It is reported that the project is the only region in the sale of the Second Ring complex project, building the overall capacity of 20 million square meters, office building part of the expected 11 Months the market. Why so favored office complex? The industry believes that the office market in addition to benefiting the environment, but more important is the value of growth "both inside and outside," the focus of an investment chase. First, from the internal to Look, is multi-format complex business systems constitute the cycle, their internal office, residential and commercial itself to form a relationship of mutual benefit, and even entire regions for the project to bring more vigorous popularity and commercial gas, which Their value rose and laid a good foundation. Secondly, from the external environment, the absolute dominance of the prime locations is a complex business quickly take the heat of the important reasons. Since the cohesion complex is where the business district, it is often Occupy the core area. Invested the mainstream? Relative to the norm of housing investment, office investment especially investment in the office complex has been wandering on the edge, with the office market to pick up, Korean construction real estate, Vanke and other well-known housing prices started to increase investment and commercial projects Income, but also frequently enter the office complex investor perspective, their investment potential to be valued. Currently, the gold trade center, Tuen three years, the Galaxy office and both SOHO and other complex is the focal point of investors. Then, Investment can become a mainstream office complex? "From the urban development trend, there is a possibility." In The League Secretary-General Chen Yunfeng, said complex to a certain stage of urban development is an inevitable trend. Gold trade center, for example, as a whole, only a size within the Second Ring To 20 million square meters of land, bound to carry more of the urban demand, therefore, gold trade center as a complex form of presentation has its inevitability.
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