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The quality of professional services creating thick States Department of the
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With the purchase of various cities so that with the introduction of credit restrictions, residential investment risks increase further, with the corresponding offices and residential apartments, etc., or will usher in new opportunities. In Chongqing, the fourth quarter will be 223,472 square feet Meters of prime office supply market, which would have put the country exchange center. State Health Center as the first 5T office in Chongqing, the seamless co-operation with the Kempinski, with its high standard hardware beyond the peak, whether from Classic quality or price, will be a model for international office in Chongqing. The centennial as a standard office 5T The face of an increasingly competitive office market, what kind of office to a place in the market competition it? That is a noble old, passing the sustainable development concept of a hundred years, exceeding expectations of its spirit, can witness the centuries Evergreen Foundation. The Convention Centre is located in Nanping State Health Center, is the number of write Chongqing F in an outstanding representative of the core competitiveness. Chongqing Real Estate Research believes that the State Health Center is the first 5T office in Chongqing, different from the general office; addition to the general office area with excellent, good location, convenient traffic, more importantly, and with 100 Kempinski years of history, seamlessly, to let buyers enjoy the Kempinski services, learn more Kempinski classic century-old standards of service and commercial spirit. "Personal Concierge Service", "leisure Concierge Services "," meeting concierge services "," Business Concierge Service "to lead the concierge of the Four represents the highest level of the global hotel industry, not only will establish a new Chongqing international five-star hotel standards, Kempinski will also provide international living area honorable life experience beyond imagination. State Health Center is a set of Kempinski Hotels, a multifunctional intelligent office building, is the highest grade of the western region, the most complete equipment 5T office, therefore, countries like the United Centre and the Kempinski , Chongqing office will be difficult to replicate the classic. State Health Center now has been basically completed, it awe-inspiring standing proudly, passing the new features of the times and the atmosphere of ancient culture, not only leading the wonderful unique office in Chongqing, but will release the boundless energy, the interpretation of the glory of the city And dreams. Beyond the peak to create a model office 2010, the State Department central insight into the pulse of the development of Chongqing city, to create 5T office target customers directly at the world's top 500 enterprises. For those who understand the office development, office buildings not only look at it in the lot, is more important is to look around the office environment and hardware. So, the National Health Centre in what hardware it has ? State Health Center, according to the person in charge, first of all, the National Health Centre? 5T office, Chongqing is the first use of solar energy business space, energy experts hired the design energy management system, owners will save hundreds of million per year The above fees. Secondly, the office lobby and public space renovated according to five-star hotel standards, not only saves the trouble of re-decoration, but also from the State Department details of the center reflects the high quality. An office building looks nice, if the elevator equipment behind, up and down stairs is not convenient, it may affect the post-lease. The center of the country pay more attention to exchange comfort for office building, 18-story office building space, 10 elevators. Therefore, the State Health Center 10 top brands of elevators, with an average service area of less than 3,000 per square meter, far above the world average of 500 service area of 4,000 square meters of each standard. Offices of value-added projects, preservation of property management services mainly rely on to achieve. State Health Centre, the property company is the German Kempinski hotel management company, Kempinski will need to make efficient response to the owners, and to keep Provide any necessary services. Valet parking, on behalf of the driving services, and the "cloakroom VIP rooms" and so on, thus making the guests feel a kind of noble and thoughtful. There are nearly 3,000 smart parking spaces, 5 times more than ordinary office buildings. Number of entrances and exits, advanced parking line planning. Congestion and therefore does not appear here or at least forced to park by the roadside bit situation. Therefore, the National Health Centre in terms of quality, location, hardware, software, or heritage for centuries Kempinski hotel-style services, are sufficient to Chongqing, the most high-end office buildings known as emboldened support. Therefore, the State Department center not only Is to create a model office, but will lead the office market in Chongqing to new heights.
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