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Weapon Law to answer the three pre-leasing office space under construction con
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Office has not yet completed, developers have the rental agency that procedure on each floor, and some rent in advance, how is this going? Recently, the very fact that people looking for office space availability in the market when it encountered such a problem . "Leased before the completion of the office, is there some risk? That the conditions for leasing office space is available?" The very fact reached the rights hotline. Developer leasing office space under construction Not long ago, the very fact of a fancy downtown office. The sales lady introduced, the very fact that the office self-sustaining 30% of the developers, the rest will be foreign sales, the current developers have an agency in Floor rental self-sustaining procedures, and some rent in advance. "I took a fancy to the 13th floor office, intends to start leasing company, but now the office is in the construction process, is expected to be completed in one year. In accordance with the Ministry of Construction," Measures for the Administration of Urban Housing lease "requirement, not according to law Made house ownership housing may not rent, lease real estate companies, however, this acceptance has not yet completed, all the warrants have not yet obtained housing office, a violation of the provisions of the Ministry of Construction? Lease of this nature writing House, the availability of risk? "The very fact that worried. Law Answers Pre-leasing behavior can be recognized as valid Yunnan is Wang Feng Yu Law Firm lawyers said, Ms. Zhang is the case involving the validity of pre-leasing real estate. First, by definition, real estate pre-leasing, is the real estate development enterprises in their development Completion and acceptance of real estate has not yet made the real estate warrants before booking the real estate leased to others, and some rent in advance that the act can be recognized as valid. The very fact that the reference to "urban housing rental management Management approach "in the relevant provisions of existing homes is concerned, is not related to pre-leasing. Wang Feng believes that the definition of terms from the lease contract, lease contract is the delivery of the two sides agreed to lease the lessee to use by the lessee pays the rent, for which the lessor bears the agreed period of time the subject matter Lessee's obligation to deliver. It is obvious that the law did not require the lease when the lease contract entered into must be an objective fact; Secondly, property leasing, the lessor if, after conclusion of the contract, in accordance with the contract Time, quality, specification provides a leased property, not as a breach of contract. Similarly, in the real estate rental housing, particularly housing development in the field of commodities, "pre-leasing" Housing is feasible; the three, " Pre-leasing "legislation lags behind, there is no current prohibition laws and regulations. The parties through their true intention and signed the" pre-leasing "contracts can be recognized as valid. Counsel reminds Pre-leasing at the building housing to meet the three conditions Although the real estate business "pre-leasing" behavior can be recognized as valid, but consumers in the rental of such property, should pay attention to real estate itself with "pre-leasing" conditions. Wang Feng remind consumers to rent such property, should pay attention to three points. First, the "pre-leasing," contracts can only be a lessor of real estate development enterprise; Second, conditions shall meet the real estate sale, the real estate development enterprises Has delivered all the land use right transfer fee, to obtain land use right certificate, and holds a construction project planning permit and construction permits, construction progress and also have determined the date of completion of delivery; Third, real estate development enterprises Industry has received pre-sale permit. If the real estate with the "pre-leasing" conditions, real estate development companies can rent the houses under construction, consumers can rent such property.
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