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Ze Qing Branch Chong Industrial Park office selling hardcover
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Ze Chong Qing Branch Industrial Park is the development, the main office, production, supplemented by the Hi-Tech Park, a planned construction area of over 60,000 square meters, according to the beautiful secluded Liangshui, and Beijing-Tianjin high-speed road adjacent pond, the Department of Metro 5 Tongji Road Line stations, the dominant pole location, transportation is very convenient. Function in the overall layout of the park on the existing single-family type of Office development, taking into account the production requirements, so we can provide a more flexible partition of the research office space, but also offers stand-alone single-layer, multi- level of professional production plant, to create a complete hardware facilities, services, sound system, beautiful environment of the new technology industrial park. Ze Chong Qing Branch Industrial Park one started in April 2010, April 2011 delivery, one from the four single-family office main building 3500m2, 6000m2 and 7000m2 multi-storey plant composed of single-plant. Office building floor 4.5 meters, 3.6 meters standard layer, the top 7 meters tall space to bring you more creative. Traffic conditions: close to the Tianjin-Tanggu Expressway, the Sixth Ring Road, Ring Road, Fourth Ring Road, Beijing-Shenyang expressway, Beijing Tong Expressway, Airport Expressway, Beijing-Tianjin inter-city rail and other highways, urban expressway and city main road, along the suburban railway line 5 Tongji Road station and bus 976,542 directly to the park.
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