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Office building elevator is squeezed into landscape
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To moving back and forth at the duty field personage of office building for, daily the fluctuation elevator that must face, often can cause " invisible angst " . Yesterday, the reporter is in the partial office building that street mouth, Jiang Hanlu takes, had on-the-spot seek by inquiry, appreciated white-collars to squeeze the landscape of elevator, experienced white-collars " of elevator pressure " .

In the morning 8: 55, street mouth an office building is old, the station became full the person that awaits elevator, show a state as floor, somebody is changed between different elevator door move, take with benefit the fastest, elevator door is opened, the person inside emerges outside, and the person outside criterion rush up in a crowd, the boy of a knapsack appears some are overbearing, talk to squeeze forth at the same time at the same time: "I do not squeeze elevator, the company has to push my stake, confused move plays card, excuse excuse. " " be to driving dozen of wedge? " the clew sound of elevator all seats taken rings again and again, in blaming sound, the station is in most the popular feeling outside has unwilling land " piece bureau " .

Grace of a dress grows the young girl of skirt, the station is besides the crowd, complexion is a little anxious. The chitchat before the reporter goes up is informed, this grandson surname female staff member lives in green hill, the car is blocked up a bit on the road, fair steam taxi go up together, hurry to office building, from go to work hit card to have only 45 minutes, "This occasion, be afraid of so that be late a few minutes only. If can it is good that the phone reports for duty. " Miss Sun says, the company executes dactylogram to play card, this is only apparently " good will " . "The person of elevator all along here is much, summer should squeeze an a suit sweat more. " Miss Sun says.

In Jiang Hanlu an office building, although close already in the morning 11 when, the person that awaits elevator disappears however decrease, security personnel tells a reporter, this time fluctuates in succession, handle affairs for dealings of a few businesses more personnel. The gentleman of the Kingdom of Wei that handles official bussiness in 20 pressed indication key a few times, the whisper in the mouth is ceaseless, to elevator slow, he claims " feel break down " , sectional regular meeting is about to begin immediately, he leaves a floor is to send a client. "If 10 less than, I walk up. " gentleman of the Kingdom of Wei shakes shake one's head, say " influence mood " . "Went up elevator, almost every building should stop, the person surface in elevator is tranquil, everybody is calculating drive time, hate cannot resemble a rocket so fast. " assume office at building a highway the Lin Jianfei of an office building says, in office building, commute rush hour, encounter the person that elevator is pressed under 5 buildings floor, can make him " indignant " : Wait for the time of elevator, fluctuate a few times, follow add trouble to why.
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