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Office building office puts the risk that be in
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Modern job is in capacious and bright office building, enjoying high-tech to handle official bussiness equipment application advantage and efficient while, also begin to appear a lot of unwell symptoms that did not have in the past: Easy and tired, dizzy, unresponsive, irritating, breath not free, anorexia, medical expert says for " office syndrome " . These are unusual with office environment medium manage changes pollution closely related the element. According to the test, harmful gas chroma compares the office the tower above outdoor a few times, it is to bring about " office syndrome " immediate cause. Magazine of American environmental protection ever reported: The harmful material that comes from the office causes the happening of cancer more easily than the harmful material of surroundings. An investigation that Canadian sanitation organizes shows: The disease cause of disease of 68 % results from indoor air pollution.
Let us see our working environment again: The output equipment such as laser printer, copycat surrounds in us all round, the benzene with the as a result of action of high-pressured static electric field many generation when they work, 2 methylic inferior the organic waste gas such as saltpetre amine, they are full of in us all round, these organic gas are to cause disease, send abnormal, cause cancer " 3 send " material. For instance the laser printer uses the means that Selenium of laser head scanning rouses, maximum pressure generates on selenium beat electrostatic, white of black of adsorption of in order to, the oxygen in meeting ionization air makes the high-pressured charge of such selenium beat surfaces ozone. Ozone is strong oxidant, main to human body harm is stimulate and destroy mucous membrane of deep breathing path and organization, cause bronchitic, asthma and emphysema, to those asthmatic disease and hypersensitive patient, the harm is more serious, can endanger life even. Ozone still can destroy the vitamin B in human body skin, the skin that causes a person is corrugate, appear black speckle, destroy the immune function of human body, quickly anile, cause pregnant woman to give birth to oaf to wait.

Besides harmful waste gas, the equipment such as the laser printer in the office, copycat also can release the radiation wave of certain amount in movement. Radiate of low frequency electromagnetism causes people central nervous easily maladjusted. Research of an electromagnetic wave confirms England, the low frequency radiate that computer screen gives out and magnetic field, can bring about 7 to 19 kinds of disease, include to shed snot, eye backache of urticant, neck, brief break recall, termagancy and depressed etc. Will tell to office female, cause reproductive function and embryonic growth easily still unusual.

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