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Draw near as the Olympic Games increasingly, the burgeoning business of certain
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SOHO of 3 lis of collect
Always investor chases after the Shi Ge that hold Pan in both hands (guest of Pan Shige rich, pan Shige news, pan Shige says) .

A week of open quotation of SOHO of 3 lis of collect sells “ 4.12 billion yuan of RMBs, clinch a deal on average monovalent 49000 yuan / square metre. ”7 month 17 days, SOHO China limited company (Pan Shige tells 00410.HK) president our newspaper reporter. The estimation that this number exceeded him Pan Shige far.

SOHO of 3 lis of collect

Wait-and-see medium building city, why is predestined relationship of SOHO of 3 lis of collect heated up sell?

   Brunt is energy capital

“ our plan target is a week of open quotation of SOHO of 3 lis of collect sells 1 billion yuan, do not cross 1.5 billion yuan at most. Finally also we did not think of 4.12 billion yuan sale. ” Pan Shige says. A week of open quotation of SOHO of smooth last year Hua Lu 1.3 billion yuan, a week of open quotation of SOHO Beijing residence sells 500 million yuan.

To going against city sell like hot cakes, pan Shige thinks, beijing is especially big city, a sector of an area of SOHO of 3 lis of collect is unique, the most important is the item that in Beijing flourishing a sector of an area can sell less and less.

Pan Shige thinks, the deposit of Chinese dweller is led all the time very tall, these deposit whereaboutldirection how, in current economic environment, it is the alternative that needs a wisdom really, ability lets these asset keep a cost quite, appreciate.

Before this, many expert expresses, our country still has a large number of idle money seeking investment opportunity. These idle fund also can call home to heat up money. Pan Shige introduces to the reporter, the client of SOHO of 3 lis of collect is current 100% for domestic client. What this confirmed domestic idle fund from flank is giant.

One does not wish to divulge the personage of know the inside story of the full name still discloses to the reporter, SOHO of 3 lis of collect is current capital of the brunt in selling 4 billion yuan is energy capital. “ is to come from boss of the sources of energy of and other places of Heibei, northeast, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi for the most part, they are very sensitive to inflation, but ready money is abundant, think again devoted risk is bigger, investment is relatively conservative, invest product interest to burgeoning finance not quite, estate is adding up to his to invest taste. ”

Personage of this know the inside story introduces, SOHO of 3 lis of collect is current a large amount of trading more, get on 100 million yuan among them trade to have 10 or so, 2-3 of 100 million have 78. The situation that I understand “ , about 20 trade clinch a deal the half above that the forehead held 4.1 billion yuan of sale. ”
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