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Architect learns a report to show beautiful office building builds dimensions ge
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The newest report that American architect learns 16 days to announce shows, because rent market demand fatigued and weak, bear hire standard hasten to father and construction cost rises, united States of second half of the year builds office building and business shop dimensions to will narrow this year, this one fatigued and weak trend or will last to 2009.

Cite of Peng rich news agency should learn half an year for a time construction market forecasts a report to say, dimensions of construction of American office building will decrease this year 3. 7 % , next year this falls will expand to 12. 3 % ; Business shop builds shopping centers etc dimensions today bright shrink extent of two years will is respectively 8. 3 % and 9. 9 % .

This institute economist overcomes shellfish of rice spy · to overcome an explanation to say, afore-mentioned forecasting is to be based on macroeconomic growth is lack of power, estate market depression and aggravation of credit market environment bring about whole structure rental market demand is fatigued and weak and make. In addition, with compared 2004, housing materials rose in price 37 % , build cost rose to also restrict the development that builds a house.

This reports offerred data shows, this year of the hotel build dimensions to will grow 6. 6 % , and decrease next year 9. 9 % ; Storeroom and other industrial house building dimensions will grow 4 this year. 6 % , decrease next year 5. 5. % .

American architect society is the closest 10 years since announce what build market situation to the United States every year twice to forecast a report. (occupy Xinhua News Agency)

Architect learns a report to show beautiful office building builds dimensions general shrinkByShanghai office building netOffer

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