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On July 13, skyline forum website appeared the name is " official of Jingdezhen emersion civil administration is villatic group " card. Card exposure, political situation of citizen of Jiangxi province Jingdezhen rests with building some to work place finds a place for from emeritus cadre room name, the newspaper is approved and funds raised by oneself built 30 luxurious villa.

After 10 days, jingdezhen city discipline appoint Zhou Jianxin of director of vice secretary, censorial bureau tells a reporter, current, discipline appoint official already put on record investigates this matter. "This thing itself is wrong, after investigation is clear, regular meeting distinguishs responsibility, undertake earnest processing to relevant responsibility person. " he says.

   Every luxurious villa sells 200 thousand yuan only

Villa is near crossing of Jingdezhen city west hill, all be the three-layer Xiaolou of red made of baked clay Huang Qiang, take before the room alone small courtyard and garage. On July 22 morning, when the reporter comes to here, the gate that the village enters the mouth has been chained closely. Because still do not have a person to be entered, here appears quiet all the more.

Sign for " Jiang Jing " hair post person, a few years ago, director of bureau of Jingdezhen predecessor civil administration is when lieutenancy swift end, some leaves unit of subordinate of bureau of incite sb to do sth emeritus Wu Yong of cadre retreat strong point makes a report to Jingdezhen municipal government, find a place for to leave emeritus cadre to build room. Very fast, the report won governmental approval, agree with transfer land 20 mus, concern policy according to the country, derate cost of each land plan. This project builds two common cadres to collect money in all 30 a building, luxurious office building, luxurious villa.

In the card special mention, every villatic floor area 260 square metre, monovalent every square metre 1000 yuan, namely a villa needs many yuan 20 only. After the house has been built, leading group of Jingdezhen citizen political situation and dry rest a staff member, obtained a luxurious villa with many yuan 20 low each.

   The leader buys a room to enjoy policy privilege

Unit of subordinate of Jingdezhen citizen political situation is dry cease the strong point Wu Yong of place is being accepted when interviewing, say, want to build these villa, because work,be cease what be in the position tall steep, a lot of veteran cadre in place go out travel is very disadvantageous. To solve this problem, dry cease to the report was made in city, the request is built find a place for the room wins approval.

To the question that the card raises, wu Yong expresses to the reporter, these 30 villa are two, belong to even body high-grade residence, is not the luxurious villa that sends post person, also did not build luxurious office building.

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