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Delay commentate real estate of business of capital pressure action is covered s
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Wang Kai of reporter of economic observation newspaper enrols business real estate (000024.SZ) in 8 billion add hair after deferring, released announcement to say on August 23, will to ARAManagers(AsiaDragon)Pteltd (abbreviation " ARA " ) droit of center of banking of international of Nanjing of sell one's own things. "It is preliminary only reach buy intention, still make over without the true equity that finish. " Liu of secretary of board of directors of the real estate that enrol business tells a reporter rather.

In credit constrictive, sale returns a money not below the circumstances of free, each land agent is in all financing source that seek different channel possibly, this action of the real estate that enrol business is drawn inevitably a lot of guess tensely about capital catenary.

Alleviate capital pressure?

Money newspaper showed first quarter 2008, the real estate that enrol business realizes net profit thirty-six million nine hundred and sixty-one thousand nine hundred yuan, decrease compared to the same period 42.10% ; Every accrual is 0.04 yuan, decrease compared to the same period 60.00% .

Multinomial running expenses all has the real estate that enrol business to rise considerably, among them, as a result of large-scale last year buy land, blame flow expires to be in debt inside a year grow 60% , long-term loan also grows 30% .

Up to first quarter end, still 1.4 billion deal with land Zhang money to have not pay, indebted rate already obtained capital fund 64.7 % , indebted amount achieves seventeen billion one hundred and sixteen million yuan, increase than fifteen billion nine hundred and sixty-two million yuan by last year liabilities 6.7% .

Show according to signing up for 2007, action business real estate will be in 2008 layout of 12 towns the whole line, total investment of 14 landed projects is as high as 17.1 billion yuan.

Although be at the beginning of August, card inspect is met already approve carried the real estate that enrol business 8 billion A financing plan, but market of suffer from capital is stagnant, the real estate that enrol business fails to spread out subscribe of raise capital by floating shares tardy, want to be sent through adding 8 billion will alleviate the desire with urgent hasten of its capital catenary still cannot come true temporarily.

As we have learned, the real estate that enrol business is only 2007 2.3 billion yuan stock market is direct financing, this year if 8 billion financing can be finished smoothly, in the plan 2.6 billion yuan will use 6 land that buy industrial district of the Shekou below banner of the bureau that enrol business, additionally 5.4 billion yuan are cast develop a project to 14 estate, comparative the total investment of 17.1 billion still is put in gap of very big fund.

Not only such, when the reporter is being accepted to interview before enrolling Lin Shaobin of general manager of business real estate to be in, express, this year is the main chance that dilate buys, the end of the year also can continue to increase land reserve.
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