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The valuable experience with the decathlon recipe successful career with female
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Does a manageress of new York get stuck? Si Beilin was recommended to female brethrens " decathlon recipe " , this is the valuable experience that she realizes a career to succeed talk. This " decathlon recipe " be: 

The decathlon recipe with female duty successful field

1, should systimatic, order ground arranges the job, sufficient preparation should be made before to sit a meeting. Straightaway one's words should be used when the speech, undertake crisply telling about. Conversation wants bold, flat and agile, cannot hesitate in speech, want to notice not to let others break your word additionally. 

2, cannot clarify too much with pantomime the meaning that you convey. 

3, need not pretend to like euqally to oneself subordinate, should know " see a thing do not see a person " . Want to concentrate energy to the business that our company should do, cannot go to energy dispersedly employee people go above the relation between or their family private affairs.

4, need not pretend " know-all " , be brave in feel not ashamed to learn from one's subordinates. Such, be helpful for aggrandizement your authority, make the person feels you are simpatico. Because everybody knows, you are not a spotless woman. 

5, chat with the person in the job should have sense of humor, be helpful for alleviating so nervous atmosphere.

6, do not talk too much oneself privacy, prevent to produce misunderstanding. Cannot rumor of believe what one hears, more do not want speak or act on hearsay evidance, or can affect the human relation inside the company, harm the business of the company badly thereby. 

7, when interacting with the man, what want exquisite woman already is easy, also want to hold good sense of property, cannot cause to the person coquet with the impression with flirtatious bearing. 

8, behave to the job of your inferior personnel, want to endeavor to make objective assessment. 

9, wipe not completely evil spirit you follow inferior the distance between; You give due response to the demeanour expression of male employee, be not ashamed thing. 

10, the dress that should pay attention to oneself and appearance, dress should decorous and easy, shoulder of beyond the mark leave uncovered cannot be worn to show pectoral clothes on working station, cannot imitate a man more dress up. 

The valuable experience with the decathlon recipe successful career with female duty successful fieldByShanghai office building netOffer

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