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[Sell] edifice of badge business international
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Be in an area: Hefei→Cottage this world

Property name: Edifice of badge business international

Building door: Other door 2 defend 0 balconies

Trade the price: 1380(10 thousand yuan)

Seat floor: 5 buildings, in all 32

Floor area: 2060 square metre

Building time: 2007

Building type: Office building

Room source address: Office building of edifice of badge business international rectifies a layer to sell

The means that rent: Offer news source: Individual

Building front: Southwest sees room time: At any time

Cash pledge explains: Decorate a state: Have not decorate

Establishment of form a complete set: Phone

Bus of along the line: 2, 162, 166, 232, 15

Other explains: One, edifice of badge business international the 5th brand-new office room (semifinished product) sell. This room is skill room, charge already made development trade, house property card did not do. 2, this room is frame structure, the layer is 3.6 meters tall, build on ground of number of plies 30, underground 2. Be located in edifice of badge business international the 5th all, total floor area 2060 ㎡, cent is two contracts among them: A room (southeast edge Shou Chunlu) , build about 1273 ㎡; 2 rooms (northwest edge cheats city district) , build about 787 ㎡, referenced price 13.8 million yuan. 3, utility of design of this house property is office, land property is sell one's own things, utility takes the land for other trader, land use fixed number of year comes in June 2052. 4, two place house property already but sheet sells also but whole sells. Change a form to make over according to the contract via be being communicated with concerned branch. 5, connect a telephone call: 13966671480 king manager

Contact: King manager email: Xingbei@ah163.com

Connect a telephone call: Mobile phone: 13966671480

Release time: 2008-9-28 10:39:04     (period of efficacy: 365 days)

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