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[Rental] fortune square
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Be in an area: Hefei→Cottage this world

Property name: Fortune square

Building door: 2 rooms 1 hall 0 defend 0 balconies

Every months of hire: 4000(yuan / month)

Seat floor: 22 buildings, in all 27

Floor area: 96 square metre

Building time:

Property type: Office building

Room source address: North road of brook of one annulus Sui

The means that rent: Rental news source: Individual

The shortest lease: Pay one year requirement: One season pays

Cash pledge explains: 2 months decorate a state: High-grade decorate

Enter time: See room time: In the morning

Establishment of form a complete set:

Bus of along the line:

Other explains: High-grade office building, communication is easy.

Contact: Mr Zhang email: Tommy0512@sina.com

Connect a telephone call: 13966705568 mobile phones:

Release time: 2008-5-28 10:52:16     (period of efficacy: 100 days)

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