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[Rental] 4 pailou silver becomes office center
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Be in an area: Hefei→Cottage this world

Property name: 4 pailou silver becomes office center

Building door: 5 rooms 1 hall 0 defend 2 balconies

Every months of hire: 6500(yuan / month)

Seat floor: 5 buildings, in all 7

Floor area: 213 square metre

Building time: 2003

Property type: Office building

Room source address: A sector of an area of 4 pailou gold

The means that rent: Rental news source: Individual

The shortest lease: Pay one year requirement: One season pays

Cash pledge explains: Decorate a state: High-grade decorate

Enter time: See room time at any time: At any time

Establishment of form a complete set: Phone

Bus of along the line: Multichannel is public transportation, communication is extremely easy

Other explains: Silver is located in Hefei downtown out of print into office center circle of one class business affairs, on badge continent highway, by square of city seat of government, building of 4 pailou general merchandise, blessing adding up to the home on, multichannel is public transportation, change center, communication is extremely easy, shopping mall of the school, bank, post-office, large market, commerce surround all round, automatic elevator, central air conditioning, property management is good, into hire rate is extremely high, it is the good place that the company runs office!

Contact: Bavin lady email: Zymrzx52nn@yahoo.com.cn

Connect a telephone call: Mobile phone: 13155155701

Release time: 2008-9-12 11:47:32     (period of efficacy: 30 days)

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