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[Rental] poineering edifice of business of 905 short for Zhejiang Province
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Be in an area: Hefei→New and high developing zone

Property name: Poineering edifice of business of 905 short for Zhejiang Province

Building door: 1 room 0 hall 0 defend 0 balconies

Every months of hire: 2100(yuan / month)

Seat floor: 9 buildings, in all 20

Floor area: 77 square metre

Building time: 2007

Property type: Office building

Room source address: New and high developing zone

The means that rent: Rental news source: Individual

The shortest lease: Pay one year requirement: Half an year pays

Cash pledge explains: Decorate a state: Simple and easy decorate

Enter time: See room time at any time: At any time

Establishment of form a complete set: Air conditioning, broadband, phone, parking space, communal toilet

Bus of along the line: Multichannel

Other explains: Scientific highway 103. Brand-new and high-grade office building, figure is good, suit to make agency, the first time do poineering work etc use.

Contact: Miss Chen email: Chh703@139.com

Connect a telephone call: 13501568240 mobile phones:

Release time: 2008-9-22 21:16:08     (period of efficacy: 60 days)

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