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Which office building suits company optional location most your enterprise
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The city of a gleam of such as Beijing, Shanghai, the high-rise of row upon row of formed distinctive light beautiful scenery line, and the Beijing that serves as a capital, although do not have,be restricted to build mansion of how many skyscraping, but nearly two years each office building is in " explicit beauty " also did not make great efforts less, especially project of flourishing a sector of an area, contending for make " ground mark " .
On one hand, economy grows quickly, macroeconomic form is valued, each industry shows ascendant trend more, the office building demand that stems from for private use is increasing, be in especially this media is unusual develop, the times of high informatization, the image brand of the enterprise packs the strong roll booster that makes growth of creation of company production value, business, this makes each company is willing to invest a good deal of capital for office place; And on the other hand, investment estate already became the shortcut of money creation and repartition, especially what the investment firm such as fund lifts is whole buy zealous, drive temporarily medicinal powder door investor also is pressed be unable to bear, office building serves as " asset " action is even more outstanding.
07, 8 years office building is to appear more piece supply a height, although be the same as a sector of an area to have many with the new building of price, class, and to rented company, new Laoxiang is each other has an advantage more, if why choose to fit the project of enterprise oneself in numerous office building, raised the requirement of capital cost not only, it is the important matter of the development that matters to company future more, the leader breaks out the optional location method of crank type to cannot be taken apparently previously.
The position is crucial, policy closes to appreciate
Of landed bound " a sector of an area " theory is actually in application of office building market more deep. Everybody is talking each big trade group, a mature trade group can have resource of all ready municipal infrastructure, commerce and business affairs form a complete set, more mean talent, technology, information and capital concentrated. For example ZhongGuanCun, orgnaization of education, scientific research gathers, provided outstanding manpower resource and advanced technical support to join a company, and resource is more advantaged related the financial industry of financial market, CBD, and business affairs atmosphere adds internationalization more. An adult business affairs division can make the gather land of big company, attract shut downstream industry gather together with its, own complete industrial chain, form benign loop. The area with likely optional location, the likelihood has more opportunities and client resource, promotional the collaboration with circumjacent and relevant enterprise and connection, this also are one of important levels of optional location of disparate industry business. But opposite, value of a sector of an area is high, the optional location cost of the enterprise also will raise, want reason to measure in a sector of an area and buy trade cost accordingly, swim according to the fluctuation of the enterprise client and business are right " a sector of an area " dependence, will accept or reject somewhat.
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