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[Optional location] do office building and business live amphibious building whi
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As the rapid development of Chinese economy, beijing serves as countrywide politics, culture and economic center, had attracted much foreign capital business to garrison. Meanwhile, numerous home company also is in Beijing in succession take root. In addition, a large number of doing poineering work model medium and small businesses also is like emerge like appear in Beijing. Then, a lot of enterprises begin on office optional location elaborative.

At present current situation of Beijing office building how?

Statistical data shows, group of trade of Sha of market of CBD area, banking, swallow, ZhongGuanCun and the Yaaode that suffer effect of Olympic Games effect are taken is the area that everybody pays close attention to most all the time, from at present the case of market of Beijing office building looks, 2008 first quarter market of Beijing office building than the trend that goes up to appear to drop apparently on supply first quarter, hire relatively the fourth quarter rose on average 2007 in 4% the left and right sides, integral circumstance is empty buy rate falls, hire appears rise. So, demand exceeds supply in office building market, below the circumstances that hire rises continuously, are we to choose office building or business to live amphibious apartment?

Analysis one: Hire price

CBD area regards an enterprise as the area that gather, no matter be office building or business live,apartment has very great market potential, the following we live with the office building of this one area and business the hire price of apartment makes one contrast:

Project name

Price of office building hire

Business lives apartment hire price

10 thousand amount to

10 yuan / smooth rice / day

4. 5 yuan / smooth rice / day

China trade center

11 yuan / smooth rice / day

4. 5 yuan / smooth rice / day

The SOHO outside building

4. 5 yuan / smooth rice / day

3 yuan / smooth rice / day

Modern city

4. 8 yuan / smooth rice / day

3 yuan / smooth rice / day


(data origin: I love my home to offer reference only)

From above data we can see, will look from hire price, with a sector of an area the hire price of same item office building wants prep above business to live apparently the price of apartment. Besides hire price, the personage inside course of study expresses, like water and electricity, property a lot of charge such as cost, overhead expenses considers the word that go in integratedly, the integral price of office building wants prep above business to live apartment.
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