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International of bright musical instrument is benefited extension of office buil
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Current, urban natural resources of China had arrived new conformity when, a few have the development business of actual strength to realize this above all: When urban resource gets conformity is used, urban natural resources will be more scarce be short of. Modern society asks to offer a kind of fast rhythm, low cost, efficient business affairs to live mode. So, land natural resources and space change office building business to encircle manage place relative to more abundant periphery ought to become these international the first selection of well-known company.

Because groups of these office building trade are lying,develop level, photograph of the hire inside area is compared for more reasonable, integral level has Laoshang to encircle only probably 1/3 the left and right sides, this often are to area demand for the client with 89 bigger even square metre, appear important all the more. In the meantime, compare area of large CBD business affairs, the density of population of financial trade group that is in new program is relatively inferior, the resource such as electric power, network is deployed more enough however. All these is advantageous the element helped an enterprise narrow on different level operation cost. Additional, suffer an Olympic Games year influence, construction of Beijing city base had bigger change, especially system of highway of outskirts of a city and orbit traffic system had more apparent flight before relatively. The international of Beijing bright musical instrument that the near future gets attention fully is built group provided a such example, environment of environment of gardens type office, space of low density, green, zoology lets popular feeling etc Kuang Shenyi. In addition, more convenience and agile parking lot place, be far from downtown to have the traffic pressure that block up increasingly, the employee that is a client people offer more the comfortable office environment that human nature changes, all these, make the premise requirement of optional location of transnational corporation client.

Additional, development of market of domestic office building is faced with " LOFT, More, Studio " trend of 3 big kinds. LOFT with its characteristic " capacious and expensive space, bright, indoor decorate plain nature, feel without depressive feeling and tie " wait for an advantage to be in the first place. The office building client that is located in LOFT concept surely group give priority to in order to be engaged in tall intellective development, research, creation, they need the atmosphere of sufficient freedom and perceptual stimulation, and the expensive space of LOFT, bright daylighting and true and natural zoology environment will conduce to its energy release, improve work efficiency. The LOFT originality that international of bright musical instrument rolls out recently writes the space agreed with demand of such a kind of market just about. With already made work last year of exhaust medium a photograph of 5.9 meters of LOFT than, east in the product anatomical had farther promotion, originality of LOFT of this kind of freeboard writes once the space is rolled out got the market is chased after ardently hold in both hands.
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